Rotational Garden Systems

The RotoGro Rotational Garden Systems are at the core of our technology. A technological advancement invented in 2003, the RotoGro Gardens lead the charge in sustainable urban indoor vertical farming. This technology has undergone constant innovation and optimization to establish what is it today: a patented, commercial-scale cultivation system designed for the consistent production of high-quality crops.

RotoGro has developed two rotational garden systems: the Model 420 and the Model 710. Compared to traditional cultivation or other indoor farming techniques, the use of our Garden Systems optimizes space (stackable up to three-high), significantly increases crop yield and quality, while lowering operational costs.

Model 420

The Model 420 was specifically designed to optimize the cultivation of high-quality cannabis crops.

Smaller Footprint

The footprint of the Model 420 is 8-feet (2.43m) long by 4-feet (1.21m) wide, for a total footprint of 32ft2 (2.97m2). When compared to the same 32ft2 footprint occupied by a flat deck table, the RotoGro Garden growing area is three times greater.


RotoGro’s unique, patented stackable design maximizes growing area, providing eight times the growing yield when stacked two units high and 12 times the growing yield when stacked three units high.

Yield Advantages

The harvest cycle time in the RotoGro Garden is 60 days, which provides for two harvests in the same time as a single 120-day harvest on a flat deck table. Traditional hydroponic flat deck tables produce 2,300lb (1,045kg) per annum based on three harvests a year for one facility of ten rooms (7,000ft2 / 650m2 of grow area). The RotoGro Rotational Garden Systems produces 10,080lb (4,570kg) per annum based on six harvests a year for one facility of ten rooms (240 units) covering 17,760ft2 (1,579m2) of grow area. Furthermore, the RotoGro System achieves additional increased yield from the positive effects of gravitropism and our proprietary CO2 delivery system with each rotation of the growing drum.

Optimized Grow Rooms

A standard RotoGro grow room is comprised of 24 RotoGro Gardens double stacked within a 1,120ft2 (104m2) room. This results in a growing area of 1,900ft2 (176m2) for each grow room. Maximizing all the available space in a 1,120ft2 (104m2) grow room for standard flat deck rolling tables, the maximum effective grow area is 700ft2 (65m2).

Model 710

The Model 710 was specifically designed for the cultivation of high-quality produce. The Model 710 is 8-feet long (2.43m) by 8-feet wide for a total footprint of 64ft2 (5.94m2) and also benefits from increased crop yields and significant space savings with 175ft2 (16.26m2) of growing area per Garden System.


RotoGro’s Model 710 Garden Systems are enhanced by fully-automated, supporting technology. RotoGro’s unique and proprietary automated guided vehicles are designed to transport plants between the propagation/harvesting areas and the garden systems.

RotoGro designed this automation to remove human intervention, decreasing the potential for human error and the introduction of harmful contaminants. This automation also lowers operational costs related to labour and helps ensure products are produced in a safe, secure, and sustainable environment.