Nutrient Management System

RotoGro’s Rotational Garden Systems are supported by its proprietary closed-loop Nutrient Management System. This is controlled by RotoGro’s Enterprise Edition iGrow Software, which continually collects and records growing data for analysis and optimization. This Nutrient Management System works seamlessly with both the Model 420 and 710 Garden Systems.

Depending on the model of Garden System, the Nutrient Management System delivers either purified water (if the growing medium is soil) or a purified water-nutrient compound (if the growing medium is hydroponic) through either a flood and drain technique (Model 420) or a direct injection technique (Model 710). Any residual liquid associated with the plant feeding process or collected by our innovative dehumidification system will then be recycled through a water purification system and processed back through the Nutrient Management System. This entire process allows us to save more than 90% of the fresh water normally wasted in traditional farming processes.

This technology ensures each plant within the garden systems receives optimal nutrients to suit the growth phase of its present lifecycle, and it eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

By centrally controlling the fertigation system with the iGrow Software, customers have complete oversite and control of the cultivation process, including error reporting, feed parameter adjustments, and change logs, all of which may be accessed remotely. A centralized fertigation system allows for a single automated system to feed an entire cultivation facility on schedule.