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Q: How does the Roto-Gro System work?


The Rotogro Garden is a flood and drain system:

Plants are inserted into Rockwool type cubes, which are secured in the “Quick Drain Trays”. The trays are then placed inside a circular wheel, the garden is motorized and the trays are revolved 24 hours a day around center-fixed HID  lamps.

It takes approximately one hour for the trays to complete one revolution. Two reservoirs are supplied, one top and bottom, a pump is placed in the bottom reservoir and when switched on, fills the top reservoir to desired  depth.

“Quick drain Trays” are then revolved through the nutrient/water mixture, feeding the plants. Once all plants have been fed, the pump is switched off, letting the nutrient/water mix drain back into the main reservoir.

Q: How often do I need to feed the plants?

A: Most plants will need to be fed a minimum of once a day, usually when the lamps are first turned on. Depending on the type and size of the plants being grown, a second feeding might be required.

Q: What would I feed the plants?

A: Plants are fed a nutrient/water mixture. There are many good liquid nutrient formulas available. Contact a Hydroponic or Garden Retailer in your area.

Q: How much electricity does the Roto-Gro Garden use?

A: Electricity consumption is calculated by multiplying the Wattage x Hours x Days x $. Eg: The 420 unit is powered by 4-600 watt HPS bulbs, so equals 2400 watts, or 2.4 Kw by 12 hours hrs = 28.8 kw per day, by 30days = 864 kw per month. Multiplying that by the local hydro rate. Eg: Ontario Hydro – 9 cents = $77.00 per month.

Q: How much space is saved?

A: The 312 unit is 50″ wide by 72″ long. Approximately 24 sq. ft. If the wheel were to be broken down, it would be equivalent to a 12′ long table. Calculated by width, you are saving an extra 1/3 of the space.

Q: What other benefits would be gained?

A: In comparison to a basic flood and drain table: Benefits are achieved by; saving 2/3 of the space, saving electricity,(with a 12′ table, to equal the same light to plant ratio, you would need 4 HID Lamps, where as with the Roto-Gro System, you only need 2 HID Lamps. Also, the Roto-Gro garden is a complete plug and grow system. No need to build tables, wire ballasts, or acquire outside professional help. Our garden is on wheels and can easily be moved into any room or location at any time.

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