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All of Our Roto-Gro Models Are Designed for Bigger Yields

No matter which model you choose all of our systems are designed from the ground up with one key thing in mind ‘BIGGER YIELDS’. Contact one of our Sales Representatives today for more information.

Bigger yields mean more profits for your business. When using Roto-Gro systems over traditional growing systems not only will your yields be bigger, you will save in space and electricity.

Model 420 has been designed to stand up to the demands of large scale grow operations. From the ground up, our gardens are built with one thing in mind, quality and durability.

The future of hydroponics is here!

Model 420

Both 420-R and 420-IT Are Equipped with the following features:

  • 4 – 600 watt hps lamps and ballasts
  • 420 plant capacity
  • Pump and reservoir
  • Light, pump, timers & cooling fans
  • 240v – 48″w / 96″d / 64″h to 172″h
  • Model 420 is stackable x 3 (172″h)
  • Self Contained
  • Quick Assembly
  • Durable Assembly

420-IT additional features:

  • Inventory and cost controls
  • Budget Analysis
  • Product & Employee Monitoring
  • Packaging, Labeling & Tracking
  • Fully Automated and Self Contained

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