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Roto-Gro systems are the only true way to achieve massive yields. Our systems are the future of indoor growing systems. Start increasing your yields and your profits. Contact us today to get started.

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Truly Massive Yields

Roto-Gro systems are the only true way to achieve massive yields. Our systems are the future of indoor growing equipment. Load up to 420 plants into a single system. Save time, space, electricity and money when using Roto-Gro.

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Roto-Gro Advantage

Growing plants in a rotary hydroponic garden such as the Roto-Gro System results in uniform growth patterns.  This makes harvesting projections and scheduling easier for the grower.  The compression resulting from the rotation results in plants with more internodes (flowering sites) and better flavor profiles.

The Roto-Gro system significantly reduces the costs associated with conventional hydroponics including facility construction and maintenance costs, utility costs, atmospheric, water and nutrient costs, and pest/disease control costs.

From Small to Commercial Growers

Whether you are a home based or commercial grower,  we have a Garden System to meet your needs.  Our consulting services team is available to discuss which system and options are best suited to your individual requirements.

Optional software module enabled monitoring of all facets of production while maintaining the highest standards of quality and secuirty. Our automated control system monitors all aspects of the Roto-Gro system and automatically alerts when readings are outside of configurable parameters.

Growing With Ease

With the Roto-Gro systems, growing couldn’t get much easier. Load up to 420 plants in our 420 models.

The Future of Growing

Our systems are designed to make your life easier in every aspect of your ‘growing’ business.

Bigger Yields

As well as being one of the easiest growing systems to operate, our systems simply produce bigger yields.

Space Saver

We can design and configure any of the Roto-Gro models to efficiently suit your indoor growing space.

Larger Profits

Ease of use and bigger yields will translate into larger profits for your business in this volatile market.

Fully Automated

With our optional software module you can fully automate the entire growing cycle and monitoring.


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