Perishable Foods (Produce)

The company has entered into perishable food joint ventures with Gibio Inc. (Canada) (“Gibio”) and Freshero Pty Ltd (Australia) (“Freshero”). The joint ventures leverage RotoGro’s patented rotational hydroponic garden systems, crop management fertigation hardware and proprietary software systems to produce greater yields and lower operating costs.

Gibio’s first facility is currently in design and engineering specification phase to provide for full automation from seeding to harvest. The facility will use our 8’ Rotational Garden stacked three units high; complete with removable drums and conveyor systems for washing, harvesting, packing and re-seeding. It is anticipated construction of the facility will commence in April 2019 and be in production Q3, 2019.

Freshero have commenced growing trials at our facility in Caledon, Ontario utilising both our 8’ and 4’ wheels across a number of different fruiting and leafy green varieties. These trials will continue until the end Q4, 2018 where we will commence the design and engineering specifications for their first facility in New South Wales, Australia.

Lawful Cannabis

The company has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares in the capital stock of Supra THC Services Inc. which holds Health Canada approved Dealer’s License.

Pursuant to the Cannabis Regulations; Supra THC is permitted to conduct Standard Processing, Analytical Testing, Research, Production, Sale and Distribution of lawful cannabis products.

We have engaged Cannabis Compliance Inc. (“CCI”) to project manage and guide us through the license conversion process from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to the new Cannabis Act (Canada) as well support our cultivation compliance at a new facility to be located in the town of Caledon, Ontario; in close proximity to our existing technology, manufacturing and research facility.

Pending regulatory process, the design of our new proposed cultivation facility and build-out construction, we are hopeful of being in Cultivation production by Q4, 2019.

Providing Solutions from Concept to Harvest

Facility Design
& Setup

World class facility design and engineering specifications provide for holistic solutions from concept to harvest.


Built in-house from the ground up to monitor all aspects of the growing environment and nutrient recipes in real time.

Operations & Partnerships

Perishable food joint ventures and lawful cannabis cultivate leverage our competitive advantage to maximise revenues.

Longterm Revenue

RotoGro Systems yield advantages and operational cost reductions ensure we are in the lowest quartile of producers globally.