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RotoGro International Limited is an Australian-based company with licensed, proprietary, patented, and patents-pending technology in the stackable rotary hydroponic garden space. The Company is focussed on expanding into industry synergistic opportunities; exploring strategic partnerships and complimentary acquisitions in related markets which include, growing management services, industry leading nutrients, emerging micropropagation expertise and other supporting faculties of hydroponic growing.


To be the lowest cost producer for indoor vertical farming of lawful cannabis and perishable foods (produce) across the globe. The company has full ownership of a lawful cannabis license as well as strategic partnerships and in urban perishable food (produce) farms. The company will continue looking for strategic partnerships and complementary acquisitions in the agricultural space to provide turn-key solutions from concept to harvest.


To generate socially responsible, sustainable and profitable revenue from growing lawful cannabis and perishable foods using our proprietary and patented cutting edge technical solutions, enabling us to deliver maximum yield of the highest quality product whilst minimising our carbon footprint and the environmental impacts of traditional farming.



Michael Carli: Managing Director

Mr. Michael Carli is the Managing Director of the company. Mr. Carli has been a partner with the law firm Rigobon Carli (which he co-founded) since 1989. He has significant expertise in corporate governance, commercial finance, and intellectual property.

– Director Holdings: 400,000 Held Directly | Nil* Held Indirectly


Michael Slater: Executive Director

Mr. Michael Slater is an Executive Director of the company. Mr. Slater is the former President and major shareholder of a specialised manufacturing firm in Canada and brings over 50 years of international manufacturing experience to Roto-Gro.

– Director Holdings: Nil* Held Directly | 400,000 Held Indirectly


Julian Atkinson: Non-executive Director

Mr. Julian Atkinson is a Non-Executive Director of the company. Mr. Atkinson is a corporate lawyer with 20 years of experience advising publicly listed companies in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, governance, and all forms of equity capital market transactions, and has acted for Roto-Gro since its inception in 2015. He has a significant network in the agriculture sector throughout Asia.

– Director Holdings: Nil* Held Directly | Nil* Held Indirectly


David Palumbo: Non-executive Director

Mr. David Palumbo is a Non-Executive Director of the company. Mr. Palumbo has ten years of experience in accounting and financial reporting of ASX listed and unlisted companies, which includes five years as an external auditor.

– Director Holdings: 75,000 Held Directly | Nil* Held Indirectly

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Legal Advisors

Atkinson Law
99 St George’s Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Corporate Advisers

Barclay Wells Limited
22 Railway Road
Subiaco WA 6008

Patent and Trademark lawyers

Chumak & Company LLP
401 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M5H 2Y4

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited
152 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000


RSM Australia Partners
8 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

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RotoGro International Limited
216 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000