One RotoGro® Garden provides three (3) times the growing area compared to a traditional flat deck table, while occupying the same floor space.

CO2 Management & Gravitropism

The RotoGro System achieves an additional 30 – 35% yield from the positive effects of gravitropism and our proprietary CO2 delivery system with each rotation of the growing drum.

RotoGro Systems Unique Stackable Design

The combination of growing area advantage, gravatropism and propriety CO2 delivery provides four (4) times the growing yield for a single stack RotoGro Garden when compared to traditional flat deck tables.

The RotoGro System’s unique stackable design provides eight (8) times the growing yield when stacked two units high and twelve (12) times the growing yield when stacked three units high.

Growing Area Comparison

The Footprint of a standard RotoGro® Garden is 8’ long by 4’ wide for a total footprint of 32 sqft. When compared to the same 32 sqft footprint of a flat deck table the RotoGrow® Garden grow area is three times greater.

The harvest cycle time in the RotoGro Garden is 60 days which provides for two harvests in the same time as a single 120 day harvest on a flat deck table.


Growing Area Yield Comparison

Footprint : 32 Sqft (9.7 Sqm)

Single Grow Room Comparison

A standard RotoGro grow room is comprised of 24 RotoGro Gardens double stacked and located in a 1,120 sqft (104 m2) room. This results in an effective growing area of 2,400 sqft (225m2) for each grow room.

Utilising all of the available space in a 1,120 sqft (104 m2) grow room for standard flat deck rolling tables the maximum effective grow area is 700 sqft (65m2).


Annual Yield Comparison

The RotoGro Hydroponic Garden Systems produces 10,080 lb (4,570 kg) per annum based on 6 harvests a year for one facility of 10 rooms (240 Units) covering 24,000 sqft / 2,230 m2 of Grow Area.

Return on the initial investment for a lawful Cannabis facility is paid back within the first 60 day grow cycle.

Traditional Hydroponic Flat Deck Tables produce 2,300 lb (1,045 kg) per annum based on 3 harvests a year for one facility of 10 rooms (7,000 sqft / 650m2 of Grow Area).