State-of-the-art urban farming of perishable foods (produce) and leading-edge cultivation of lawful cannabis.


Competitive Advantage

Patented and proprietary agricultural technology producing greater yields with lower operating costs in less time.

Agricultural Services

Specialised business lines for water treatment and nutrient management supported by in house iGrow® software.

Operations & Partnerships

The company has entered into perishable food joint ventures with Gibio Inc. and Freshero Pty Ltd. The joint ventures leverage RotoGro’s patented rotational hydroponic garden systems, crop management fertigation hardware and proprietary software systems to produce greater yields and lower operating costs.

In addition, the company has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares in the capital stock of Supra THC Services Inc. which holds a Health Canada approved Dealer’s License.

Pursuant to the Cannabis Regulations (Canada), Supra THC is permitted to conduct Standard Processing, Analytical Testing, Research, Production, Sale and Distribution of lawful cannabis products.

Unmatched Yield Advantages

The RotoGro System’s unique stackable design provides nine (9) times the surface area for growing (when stacked three units high) compared to a traditional single deck flatbed growing system occupying the same floor space. The RotoGro System achieves an additional 30% yield from the positive effects of gravitropism and our proprietary CO2 delivery system with each rotation of the growing drum.

Energy savings and operational cost reductions are achieved from RotoGro’s unique lighting system which provides 360 degrees of radiant light energy where the HPS Lamps are encased and cooled at source by a directly connected ventilation system. This unique cooling system results in the RotoGro System consuming 50% of the energy for lighting and cooling compared to traditional flatbed hydroponic growing system.


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